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Kotlin has great support and many contributors in its fast-growing global community. Enjoy the benefits of a rich ecosystem with a wide range of community libraries. Help is never far away – consult extensive community resources or ask the Kotlin team directly. Kotlin is a free and open source project under the Apache 2.0 license. The code for the project is developed openly on GitHub primarily by the team employed at JetBrains, with contributions from Google and others.

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Kotlin. tpinfo-frontend. Kotlin 2 · playground · 1 · REST-utbildning-2021-03. Utbildningsmaterial kurs för FO Ii 2021.

2018 อ่านเจอบทความเรื่อง Embedding Kotlin Playground จาก web ของ Kotlin ซึ่งทำให้เรา สามารถนำ code ภาษา Kotlin ไปแปะและ run ผ่าน browser ได้ง่าย  22 Jul 2020 Explaining the Kotlin's noinline and crossinline keywords, with a simple a simple example using the Kotlin Playground (with snippets that you  20 Sep 2020 Kotlin Playground to the rescue! Using this site you can run Kotlin code within a browser, no need for an IDE, compiler tools or computer!

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We want to collect sample usage of Kotlin libraries, and the more the better! Kotlin Playground.

Kotlin playground

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Kotlin Playground Component that creates Kotlin-aware editors capable of running code from HTML block elements. Use Kotlin in a sandboxed playground environment. Vim. In the case of certain exercises you will be required to edit files or text. Kotlin Playground demo Automatic initialization. Insert a